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Queensland, Australia - Day 1

Even though technically I landed on Tuesday, yesterday, Wednesday was my first full day in Queensland, so I am starting my story here (and I fell asleep so didn’t write up the first half day!).

It is hard to describe yesterday, it was a varied and amazing day, and given all the different aspects, it seems to be typical of what Cairns, and Queensland has to offer. After a tired and rushed breakfast at the hotel, we headed down to the marina to catch our boat across to Green Island. Green Island is coral cay rainforests, enclosed by sandy beaches.

After a quick interview with local news (which I am told was on TV), we set sail on the rather choppy trip across to the island, around 50 minutes away.

Once there, we had a small session with Darren Rowse, known as ‘ProBlogger’ who is the main reason we are all here. Although we are all experienced bloggers in the room, it was good to bounce ideas off each other, and I think everyone (including Darren) took something worthwhile away with them.

After a spot of lunch on the deck, we headed on a Sea Walker tour. Where you go under water in a helmet filled with air, think Men of Honor (awesome film!!). Now for some, this may seem a little bit tame and boring, but as someone who only goes under water when he has a bath, this was a nice little introduction to the waters of the Coral Sea!! Just having the fish so close to your face, being able to touch them was such an amazing experience, and it got even better…

We headed (ran!) across the island to the private helipad and hooked up with GBR Helicopters. We took off in their fleet of helicopters and headed out over the Coral Sea, the views, amazing, being ‘winter’ in Queensland, the sea is so clear and the Great Barrier Reef could be seen for miles. We then headed to Vasslof Cay, imagine a tiny sand bank / coral island. Untouched and just immense!

We say a couple of Epaulette sharks getting down and dirty, and a couple of crabs as well. The scenery, and just the fact we were on there was breath taking, beyond amazing, and one of my best life experiences… GBR even had a fourth helicopter filming and taking pictures because they haven’t ever had that many together before!

From there, we flew back to Cairns, circled above and landed on the helipad to adoring fans taking pictures of blogging superstars, well in my head anyway. We then ate at the delicious NuNu Restaurant, though not the biggest fish fan, the food was amazing and is one of the most respected restaurants in Queensland.

It was a day to remember that’s for sure. Check out my post tomorrow covering Thursday events!!