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Queensland, Australia – Day 4. The day we caught the sun

Our last full day in Queensland, and I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly!!

Although the weather has been great, with sun shining most days, because you find yourself jumping in and out of wetsuits / stinger suits, the sunshine doesn’t always get to see your skin! But today was the day we saw the sun!

A bowl of coco pops put us in the right mood and we headed to Four Mile Beach for a spot of SUP! SUP for the uncool and untrendy is Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We had seen it on the adverts and now it was our time to give it a whirl! It’s getting a rather large following over here in Aus. The ability to stand on the water gives you a much better view over the landscape and local area. The setting was perfect, very little wind and the flat calm beach was our playground for the morning.

We knelt, stood, laid, fell, turned (kinda!) and everything in between. It’s actually a really easy sport to pick up, even for the completely unbalanced like me! We didn’t stray too far, a little over the reef, but you can choose to go out to a few of the islands, and ‘Bretto’ is even taking people on freshwater tours up rivers and through the rainforest! It’s a great way to be on the water in the peace and quiet whilst lapping up the sun!

A quick walk round Port Douglas and a bite to eat before we head back towards our starting point of Cairns to hook up with the Raging Thunder Crew and try our hand at White Water Rafting down the Bossman river! The Grade 3 rapids provided my third tick on the bucket list in less than a week! We started a couple of miles upstream and the ‘descent’ took around 90 minutes. For me, it probably wasn’t as extreme as I was expecting, it was by no means tame, but I just want to go again, bigger and better!

There was the odd place which was pretty exciting, and the chance to throw ourselves out of the boat and tumble down the rapids on our own was rather cool, especially with the odd croc sighting…

Showered and changed, it was then off to ‘On the Inlet’ Seafood restaurant in Port Douglas, a lovely little fish place on the marina. Now I may not be the biggest fan of fish, but my Spanish Mackerel was possibly one of my favourite dishes of the week. Add to that a huge beer, wine and cocktail list, and it was a definite win!

The last full day is over, and tomorrow I head back to Sunny Ole’ England (via Sydney and Singapore). Queensland is beyond amazing, from the sunshine, people, food, activities, it really has it all. I will definitely be back, but definitely for longer!