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Going strong

A few days in to this caffeine free challenge and I haven’t felt any extra tiredness, any shakes or sweats. Nothing I would expect to have experienced from quitting my drug of choice cold turkey like this! Apparently the most common symptoms of quitting caffeine include headaches, lethargy and an inability to concentrate. Looking back over the few days this hasn’t happened to my knowledge.

We have had the start of the 2012 Olympics. Whilst a lot has been said about all of the goings on at the opening ceremony, there were one or two bits that I absolutely adored, being the 007 & Queen movie short and Mr Bean playing with the London Symphony Orchestra. The best thing to come out of it though is not all the sport and medals, but the memes that have started popping up about the queen:

Queen Hunger Games

Queen Olympics Opening Ceremony

Queen Parachute

sing about me!

Off with their heads

Any others out there?

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