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Caffeine Free and Relentless

One day into this rather preposterous challenge and I must say, I am doing well. I haven’t felt any more lethargic than normal, nor more energetic. The lack of caffeine in my system isn’t even the bother about all of this at the moment, what really is the kicker is cutting out a huge part of my daily life.

Having a rather sedate day job sitting behind a desk means I have little excuse for getting up and walking around. Making coffee and tea was a wonderful way to break that up and get the blood flowing. So, instead I sit at my desk with a huge bottle of water, barely moving and wondering if its possible to get DVT from a desk. However, as the day was over and I left for the gym, I went to have a few mints to prepare myself for the tube but had to stop myself. My favourite brand of mints, Warp Energy Mints, have caffeine in them funnily enough. Once on the tube, I had to suffer the hardship of sitting next to two people who both were brandishing freshly filled and poured cups of coffee. Say what you will about the drink, it produces such a strong and intoxicating aroma, and I was caught in the vortex between these two. Still, not nearly as tough going as I had expected it to be!

Perhaps yesterday was a lot easier than it should have been due to the night before, which was entirely fuelled by energy drinks. I’ve been a Relentless drinker for years, and have always been a big fan of the Inferno, the orange juice energy drink, so I went with a keen sense of intrigue. Whilst the event itself might have been fuelled by the caffeine and taurine, it was ultimately quite underwhelming save for the real purpose of the evening, the new Relentless marketing campaign.

Professor Green is the brand ambassador for Relentless and that night saw the premier of their first TV advert. From the little ‘making of’ documentary before hand, its obvious a lot of work has gone in to making the ad, and when we got to see the full thing it is, as it happens a great advert. Pro Green spitting out lyrics, bounding about a hectic urban landscape, before appearing on stage. Its all vibrant and full of energy and realises the brand image that Relentless is most associated with, giving ‘no half measures’ and ‘suffer for your art’. It feels quite grandiose in the same sense that the Adidas house party advert was the first time around, so keep an eye on  your tellybox if you’re in theUK. We’ll put up a link to it when it is available for everyone.